About Me

Know more about me and my website. Hope my story can inspire yours too. 

Moinul The Happy Nerd

Hi, I'm Moinul Karim Labib

I am medical student studying at Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh. I have always been a nerd who has craved productivity and studying. Through the combination of research and experience, I have learned many things that I would share in this website.

I must say I’m deeply inspired by some writers namely Derek Sivers, Tim ferris. Their books encouraged me to preach what I learned through my experience that can help anyone. I would consider my website a success if even one student/person is helped by reading its articles.

My Core Values

Core values are things that a person truly believes in. You can define a person only by his values Among many virtues I think these three qualities define me best. Do you have a set of core values? You can send me yours by the form below!

Lifelong learner

The desire to learn new things helps to improve myself 1% everyday


A positive attitude always begets positive results. Never let it go


Learning is not enough. If you want to be better at anything, learn to teach it .

Do you have any questions?

There must be many questions in mind about me. Don’t worry I am open to questions. I will try to answer your questions right away!