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Doctor || Freelance Writer

Moinul Karim Labib

“Hi, I’m Moinul, a Doctor at Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh. Beyond my medical studies, I’m a part-time freelance writer specializing in ‘Nonfiction E-Books‘ for businesses and individuals. On this blog, I share insights on freelancing, effective study methods, and productivity, all based on my six years of research and personal experience.

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What can you expect?

 You’ll discover a treasure trove of articles catering to both students and freelancers alike. Dive into a world where you’ll uncover a wealth of tips, strategies, and principles to boost your productivity, supercharge your study sessions, increase your earning potential, and ultimately, embrace a happier life. Get ready to embark on a journey of growth, knowledge, and empowerment!”


Freelancing Tips

In this time and age, who doesn't have a side-hustle. There must be something you are good at. It is time to put that to good use and make some bucks doing what you love!

Study hacks for college

Study hacks

Studying is difficult! But what if we could change the way we study . Learn newer techniques to better at studying in less time!

Productivity tips fpr students

Productivity tips

Being productive is the new sexy! Learn and master the productivity hacks that can lead you towards your life goals

Student's Corner

Every month, I share my realizations and ideas about my life, which circles around studying, freelancing, and being the HAPPY Nerd. It’s not much, but it can provide insights and thought-provoking ideas about life.  Don’t miss out. No Spamming, No annoying ads, and you can unsubscribe anytime. 

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